Skip the normal rice and try out the new rice recipes with perfect cooking

Are you really tired of cooking normal white rice every day? Then try out the new varieties of rice with top rice cookers. White rice has got richest forms of carbs but there are more rice varieties which are good in iron and other vitamins. Worried about cooking them in perfect proportion? Don’t worry about such things when you are getting a best cooker for cooking.

Cook any time

The rice cookers are available with options of setting time within the 24 hour period. So you need not worry about cooking a new variety of rice like brown rice or wheat rice. Just add cups of rice with adequate water and set the time as 6.00 AM. You can even wake up at 7 in the morning with precooked rice in your electronic cooker. The present cookers like 13 in 1 Asian style cooker has got that 24 hours timing facility where you need not wake up early for cooking food.

A vegetable curry

These cookers give an extra added benefit of cooking vegetable curry inside the steamer. Just mix right amount of salt and chilly powder to your veg curry and place them in steamer where your veg curry will be cooked within minutes. These cookers are induction friendly so that you can cook without any material issues.

Skip the normal rice and try out the new rice recipes with perfect cookingBenefits of electronic rice cooker

The answer of question what is the best rice cooker can be found aptly with some of the pros of it which are displayed below

  • High capacity
  • Induction heating system
  • Non sticky
  • Nontoxic materials
  • Easy cleaning
  • Convenient style of cooking
  • Steaming trays

With all these benefits you can surely become a tech chef in your home. Make sure you make lots of good recipes in rice cookers rather than cooking the same white rice.