Mad Equipment versus Slamm Scooters

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Mad Gear Base and Team Edition scooters are for the little larger children – from 8 years +. From ₤ 100 – ₤ 125, and with the triple piled collar clamps and professional technology alloy headset & bearings you recognize you have a real stunt scooter. The MGP Base has 100mm 85a MGP Pro 12 Spoke wheels with similar ZXZ C Pro bearings to the Mini MGP whereas the Team Edition has 100mm Aero Alloy Core wheels and Kruk K-1 bearings, making it a little more costly alternative.

Mad Gear Pro Scooters

Mad Gear makes some incredible children scooters at numerous price factors. They have almost 10 years of experience in the scooter market and also have a Pro team so you understand that their scooters have actually been attempted and checked by some of the top stunt motorcyclists in the nation. This is something that lots of hardcore riders would certainly state – it deserves the additional cash money.

 If you are just beginning, then Slamm scooters are a great access point right into the stunt scooter market and will still obtain you the street creed you are entitled to. Take care of your scooter and it will give you with years of enjoyment. Since there is a fairly couple of moving parts, electric scooters are reputable and sturdy. Several scooter producers and his explanation offer substitute parts online.

Slamm Scooters

If you want to support British made products then Slam is the scooter brand name for you. Based in London they make freestyle mobility scooters which are designed to take the rate in any skate park throughout the nation. Slamm scooters have 3 key versions on the market today yet also layout and make numerous scooter devices, from wheels to holds and clamps – all at truly affordable rates. This is an excellent way to funk up your scooter and make it much more unique.

Mad Equipment versus Slamm Scooters


As a whole the Mad Equipment scooters are the more expensive alternative, however in my point of view you generally get just what you pay for and with mobility scooters it’s no different. Mad Gear actually does produce mobility scooters developed to last and this ought to give you with the self-confidence you have to draw tricks and stunts in the understanding that your scooter will take the speed.